2018: A Year of Challenges

With only 12 days left in 2018, I am starting to look at how this year has gone, and all I can say is it was a rough year. A year of challenges, a year of ups and down (literal ups and downs mentally), and a year of growing closer to God, and making a plan for my future while leaving it up to God. This year, I had many trials mentally that tried to push me away from God. Satan prowled like a lion going at me from all sides. However, he was not successful in bring me down. Changing jobs four times in the span of 4 months, and dealing with a mental illness diagnosis that I did not expect. 2018 is a year that I will forever remember as it was also the year I was challenged spiritually though my illnesses. 

Dealing with teaching, bipolar disorder, and staying faithful to God was a challenge this year. A challenge that I believe I have conquered in 2018. Teaching has not been easy on me and my mental health, but I know that with God I can do all things. Jesus Christ gives me strength, even when I do not believe in myself.  This year started well. I had a good job, great coworkers, with an amazing spiritual family, and everything was well with my physical family. Things started to go down in March when the week before spring break I had a mental breakdown, and almost put myself in a mental health hospital. While that did not happen, I could see that if I had not gone to the psychiatrist that week, it would have been horrible. God protected me through my rough times. I was supposed to go on a trip, and I cancelled it, I quit my job randomly because I could no longer handle it, and changed jobs way too many time in the span of 4 months. However, God was with me, and he gave me the blessing of going to Los Angeles for a global leadership conference with my church. That was the pivotal point in my year. 

I learned a lot about myself during that conference. I could even say my life changed there. I have had that feeling once before, and that was when I got baptized 2 years earlier. I realized that I was getting farther away from God, and not clenching onto him instead. But glory to God, I repented and decided to move forward. I got another job as a teacher (where I currently work), and stepped up as a leader in the kingdom (my church). As we reach the last few days of the year, I can tell the difference in my life. And while I have had a few slip ups the past month in my journey with a mental disorder, I have decided to not let it control my life, but me control my mental disorder. 

I give glory to God everyday for the opportunity he gives me to be part of his kingdom. There is nothing like knowing the word of God, and see God work in your life. I pray for all of us to have an amazing end of 2018, and a fabulous and encouraging 2019. To God be all the Glory!