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Do and Don’t of Studying Abroad

Here are the Do and Don’t of Studying Abroad! With Pictures!!!!!!!

Do: Travel!

Travelling is an essential part of studying abroad. You study abroad for the reason of getting to know new cultures and new parts of the world. So, TRAVEL, and get to know the country you are studying abroad or even the continent as I did!

Don’t: Stay in your room all day.

Unless you are sick, DO NOT STAY IN YOUR ROOM ALL DAY! It will hinder your experience as a study abroad student. I know some day I would have my down days and stay in all day, and all it did was make me feel worst. So, go shopping, enjoy your town, get coffee and brownies with friends, do something, anything outside to keep you out of your room!

Do: Meet new people in societies.

Some of my best friends while I was studying abroad I met them in my seminars. Do the same, go to specialty seminars, societies, extracurricular activities, any kind of club that is instructive, even go to the gym. Making friends while you study and exploring town with them will make your trip more memorable than without them.

Don’t: Isolate yourself.

I have done that before. I did it on the week of New Years Eve and it was the worst mistake ever. I should have stayed with friends and enjoyed my time. Isolating yourself will do you no good while you are studying abroad. Isolation will just lead to depression and you definitely do not want that.

Do: Take vitamins.

TAKE YOUR VITAMINS! Seriously, you will get sick at some point and that last thing you want is a weak immune system. So plain and simple, take care of yourself.

Don’t: Wait too long to make a GP/Doctor’s appointment.

Everything I got sick, and I got sick a lot, I always waiting until the last minute to make a GP appointment and ended up having to go to an urgent care clinic. Do yourself a favor and if you need to see the doctor because your meds are low make that appointment ASAP!

Do: Get to know your city or town.

Seriously, get to know your city or town. It is essential for your personal growth. Getting to know your city will help you feel more at ease and familiar with your new home. Whether you are studying abroad for the summer, a semester or a year or two, make sure to know the place you live in.

Don’t: Go to the library at noon.

Everyone has the same idea of going in between classes. Do yourself a favor and go after 4 pm or before 10:30 anything between that time will get you no computers and very long lines for everything.

Do: Do your assignments.

I cannot make this more clear. DO YOUR WORK! You went there to study. Then, STUDY!

Don’t: Leave your essay for the week of.

I cannot make this point more important then this: DO YOUR WORK AHEAD OF TIME! Do not leave your work for the last minute, you might be able to pass it one time but not always so give yourself plenty of time to finish your work.

Do: Pack lightly.

You do not need 3 bag to move anywhere unless you are moving to a 3rd world country and even then. Don’t make the mistake I make and pack lightly!

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This is the most important lesson of all. ENJOY YOUR TIME ABROAD. No matter what country you are going to live or are already living in, make sure to enjoy every second of it, take photos and make memories!


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