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New Years Getaway to Edinburgh

New Years Getaway to Edinburgh


travel adventures

Life as a Master Student in Newcastle University

Back in the spring of 2013, I moved to Nottingham to study history and politics at University of Nottingham. There I made some of my best friends. Those 5 months changed my life, and gave me a purpose (pre-Jesus) in life.

That brought me to Newcastle in 2016.

What a year it was from September 2016 to September 2017! I had just been baptized into Christ and I was moving away to a town 7 hours by bus away from the nearest church. That’s where my convictions grew strong. I knew I needed to go to church. To the kingdom, not just any church. So I traveled 6 to 7 hours each way every weekend to attend church. But never-mind that. I will leave this for another post.

I want to talk about my post grad studies in Newcastle University.

Newcastle University is located in the Northeast of England near the coast. The city itself, Newcastle upon Tyne, its beautiful to say the least. Pretty architecture, full of Georgian buildings.

Studying at Newcastle Uni was an experience to say the least. My program as a Master of Arts in European History. A program designed for students wanting to study European History from the 1600s to now.

At first I was going to focus on Phillip II of Spain and the Spanish Armada. However during my seconds semester in February after a magnificent seminar with Dr. Alex Quiroga, I decided to focus on the Spanish Civil War. Within a month, I had a research proposal done about the historiography of the Spanish Civil War, and was getting supervised by Alex.

Throughout my process, I had the opportunity to visit Madrid and Salamanca in order to do further investigations on the historiography of the Spanish Civil War.


My experience as a postgraduate student in Newcastle gave me lots of joy and great experiences that I will never forget. Not only did I met new people, I also ate new foods, visited new places, and did something that was only in my dreams: get a Masters degree!\


What a time to be alive! Explore the world! Get to know new people! Eat everything! Know that Jesus is Lord!

God is good! And I am forever in debt to him!

All the best!!