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The PhD Application Process: The Waiting Game

Waiting is difficult. I never thought that waiting one month would seem like a year wait. This always happens to me. I tend to have little to no patience, something that I am working on daily. And having to wait for a month to know if I would be moving back to the UK has been exhausting. 

I have many plans, and I have been praying to know which one is the right course to which God wants me in. I prayed, and prayed, and prayed. And after a month of waiting for my letters of recommendation, my results were in.


God answered my prayer of a clear path to where he wanted me. I had to paths that I wanted to follow and I could not make up my mind. Now, it is clear. I will be moving to the UK in the Fall of next year. 

Now, I get to prepare and figure out what I am going to do for the next 10 months. So far, the plan is to save money for my visa and health surcharge, figure out a job for the summer after I am done with the teaching year, and to put my heart 100% to evangelizing Orlando for the next 10 months. Staying close to the Lord is going to be what keeps me sane for the next few years. 

So, I got an offer, and all I have to do now is apply to scholarships, and see how I am going to get 30,000 a year to study and live in the UK for 3 years. At least it is only 3 years as compared to in the USA where its 5-7 years. 

Well, I am off to wait 10 months until September 2019! Happy Thanksgiving and happy holidays!!

Ascenett Stefanie, your freelance unicorn!