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Solo Disney Unicorns

I have a problem …

I LOVE Disney.

I have loved Disney, literally anything Disney since I was a little girl. So, as I have grown and developed different interest in life, Disney remained one of my main loves, at one point I would have gone to Disney instead of church (thank goodness that is no more!).

In this post, I was to show you all a little bit of my love for Disney by going park by park of my Disney experiences throughout the years.

Animal Kingdom

I used to be hesitant about DAK because I’m not a wild animal person, but I appreciate DAK more as an adult (thank God!). The coasters and the habitat is something I now enjoy on a cold day (which are few). PS: DO NOT GO IN THE SUMMER!! It’s boiling in there!


Oh EPCOT how I love you. EPCOT is one of those places you go to chill and walk around. While there might not be too many big rides, it is still full of entertainment due to the great food and concerts year round!

Hollywood Studios

My second favorite park! And I have to say second because there is nothing like MK. Hollywood is a fun park that you go in the afternoon or early in the morning in order to get in all the new rides. For a sec there HS was not that fun since everything was shut down but now its just crazy fun!

Magic Kingdom


Magic Kingdom is my fantasyland (get it? LOL) I love MK so much that I worked there for a year and I still love going there for fun! It is full of memories, and even though its is always full, it is always fun!

So, this is just a little introduction to my Disney love, and since I live in Orlando I have decided to just blog about Disney for a little while!

All the Love!

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