PhD serie

The PhD application process: Introduction


Today, we will be starting a new series of post. These post will be all about the process of applying for a PhD or doctorate degree. While I have not been accepted (yet) and my application is in process, I want to start documenting my adventure and some points and mistakes I have made that you can avoid.

Applying for a PhD is actually more stressful than I thought, specially when you want to specialise on a topic not that popular in terms of how many professors are out there in the UK for my field. I specialise in the memory and history of the Spanish Civil War and how it was and is commemorated throughout Spain. On top of not finding many supervisor on my field, I also have another criteria: there has to be a International Christian Church in the town that I go. For my masters, I went to Newcastle University, and the closest church was 6 hours away by bus (which was the cheapest mean of transportation). And while I got a merit in both my dissertation and on my degree, I believe I could have done much better if I had a church in my university town. So, this time I will make sure to be as close to a church as I can. Meaning finding a supervisor in a very small pool of supervisors.

I send emails to about 7 supervisors who specialise in Spanish history of some sort. It has taken me months between researching schools and looking for supervisors that are first in my field, and secondly, that are willing to supervise me. After months of searches, I found a supervisor at a university where there is one of my churches. I praise God that he made this possible, for without Him it would not be possible. God also made possible for me to be able to write a good research proposal in a good amount of time.

Writing a research proposal deserves its own post, so I will make a video blog and a post about it. It will be it’s own post because it is so critical for you to have a plan on a thesis statements that you will develop into a proposal, and later project.

So, in conclusion, what you can take from this post is to PLAN AHEAD OF TIME! Always plan everything make timelines, keep a journal with notes, keep a calendar, and always flag emails from professors and universities you are interested in.

So I hope you look forward to this blog series!

All the love!!

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